Recessed Lighting – The Joe Cool of Lighting

If you are looking for a nice cool, smooth look to your home or office lighting plan, you may want to consider recessed lighting. There is nothing more soothing than coming into a well lit room that is clean and clear of clunky old lighting fixtures.

It is just universally cool to have a room where the light just seemingly appears from out of the ceiling or the walls without any associated fixture. Most new homes have some recessed lighting in them and there are simple ways to retrofit older homes. But no matter what your situation, this kind of lighting can make your home or office look and feel clean and modern.

Modern is a good word when describing recessed lighting. This style of lighting seems like it came out of the future and parked itself in the here and now of lighting design.


For some, it is a happy departure from other forms of lighting which may appear obtrusive and old school. Having a modern feel to a home is easy to do with recessed lighting. It’s nice to just come into a room hit the switch and guide the dimmer up to the lighting point that is most appropriate for the mood of the room.

If you adorn your walls with art then you must have recessed lighting. It can light up a room full of art like no other lighting. It will give the room a soft glow that brings out the colors of your artwork to the nth degree.

But, you don’t have to be an art connoisseur to appreciate recessed lighting. Anyone into a modern look will love the effect the light has on a room. And, being able to control the amount of light is key. You can change the mood of a room easily just by controlling the dimmer of recessed lighting.

Yes, for homes both new and old recessed lighting offers a nice alternative to old school lighting plans and may be the difference between a cluttered busy feel and a clean modern and free flowing feel. It is easy to install these days too and is energy efficient as well.

Although it is not recommended to install your own lighting, you should have a lighting and electricity professional install all your lighting. So, check out recessed lighting for your home and see how it can change the feel of your home’s lighting.