Pendant Lighting – Jewelry for Your Home

Yes the title is a little cheesy but really that is what pendant lighting is, it’s like jewelry for your home. Pendant lighting is ceiling lighting that hangs down and looks well… like a pendant. But in many different designs just like jewelry! So for each room you can have a different type of jewelry and have a distinct character for each space.

Don’t mix up pendant lights with chandeliers though. They can be closely related and look alike but chandelier are usually bigger and much more ornate. This type of lighting comes in many different styles and is typically not as large as chandeliers.

Pendant lighting really does offer you the opportunity to personalize a space. There are many different mounting style and lamp styles to choose from. You can go modern or traditional or deco, whatever you want there is something available for your space.


Lighting can add a lot of personality to a home and give off a certain feel depending on what you are looking for. Pendant lighting can be the centerpiece that the rest of your lighting scheme works off of. Your whole lighting plan can revolve around your pendant light. That’s a great way to get started on developing a well lit home.

Of course, there is the functionality of pendant lighting. Just like the many designs available there are many different ways pendants can throw off light in a room. You should consult a lighting professional when considering pendant lights to best figure out what light scheme is best for your particular set up.

The right lighting can also add to the value of your home and this should be kept in mind too when restructuring your lighting design. A well lit home that reflects form and function is a very attractive thing to home buyers.

Whatever your reasons for considering pendant lighting for your home, you are sure to be amazed at how much is available and the change it can make to the appearance of your rooms. One thing to remember though is not to attempt to install your pendant lighting yourself unless you are a professional.

Lighting should be installed by people who know what they are doing. And, another thing to remember is that this style of lighting offers efficiency models that are Energy Star approved for those who are worried about consumption. Have fun dressing up your home with pendant lighting.