Lamp Shades – Clothing for Lamps

Lamp shades can be a lot of fun. No, they are not just fun on New Year’s Eve but all year round. And, not on your head either! You probably don’t think about lamp shades much but the truth is you probably should. How many times have you tossed a lamp because the lamp shade was shot? Think about it. You have done it haven’t you?

That’s just silly and a lot of people do that. Lamp shades are like clothing for lamps. They cover the lamp to soften the light.  No one wants a naked light bulb! And, they add style and fashion to a space. You wouldn’t toss a suit because a tie wore out would you?

With the dizzying amount of lamp shade styles out there you can certainly have a great time changing up your lamps every once in awhile with a new shade. Ladies think of it as getting a new pair of Jimmy Choos, guys think about it as a new pair of boxers, or something.


Lamp shades are an inexpensive and fun way to dress up your lamps and in so doing keeping the look of your space fresh. It is one of the easiest ways to redecorate an area.

Of course, lamp shades do have the function side to them as well. The way a lamp throws light is pretty dependant on the type of lamp shade added to the lamp. The light is obviously directed by the shade. So, you do have to pay attention to the functionality of the lamp and if you are not sure how to throw light effectively with lamp shades you should ask a lighting professional.

And, unless your lamp is really really ugly or has hit the floor one too many times, there is no reason to replace the whole thing. A good lamp can last many decades and all you need to do is give it a new wardrobe once in a while.

So take a look around your pad at all your lamp shades and ask yourself if your lamps need a refresher. You won’t break the bank and you can really change the look of your space by switching up a lamp shade here and there.

You don’t want a naked lamp in your home do you? Well, of course you don’t. Have fun with it and play around a bit and find the right lamp shades.