Cordless Table Lamps – A Brilliant Solution

It is no secret that lighting can make or break a room. Too dark and a room can feel depressing and confining. Too bright, and a room can give you a headache. From overhead fluorescent lights to standing floor lamps, using halogen bulbs to cordless table lamps, there is a lighting fixture to match any décor.

Finding the right light balance is every bit as important as picking out the right paint when it comes to styling any room.

Windows offer a fantastic source of natural light during the day, and the layout of a room should be planned to maximize that. At nighttime however, it doesn’t matter how many windows a room has, you are going to need some lamps to light up the space. The good news is that there are hundreds of lighting options available.


Once you have considered the windows in your space, and have arranged your furniture you should walk around the room and see if there are any darker areas. If there are, then that is an area that is calling out for a lamp. If the center of a room is dark then you should either consider rearranging the furniture, to allow the natural light to filter in better or you are going to need to invest in some overhead lighting.

If you are finding that your corners are shadowy, then either a floor lamp of a table lamp may be just the thing. There are many stylish options available to fit any budget.

Some rooms call for lighting but the solution is a little trickier. In general, a dark spot needs light, light needs a power source, and a power source means that there has to be an electrical outlet. What happens though when the dark spot is in the middle of a room, feet away from the nearest outlet?

Should you run an ugly extension cord along the floor, and hope that no one trips? Not a chance! There are many lovely cordless table lamp options available today. Battery powered, these lamps allow you to add the lighting and ambiance to a space that you desire without having to sacrifice style.

Whatever your lighting needs, there are many great solutions available. From candle light, to solar light to black light, there are endless lighting choices for your space. You will find many sources of lighting throughout this site.