Cordless Lamp Ideas

A cordless lamp can help make your indoor lighting a breeze; no more cords, no tripping hazards, and the added mobility lets you take it from room to room as needed.

Although you might not find cordless lighting fixtures appropriate for every place, in some areas of your home power cords are just plain unattractive and even dangerous.  Plus, they come in handy for use in places like motor homes or campers.

These lamps can actually be rather fashionable and you might be a bit surprised at all the different styles and colors available.  After all, a nice mounted lamp looks even better when it no longer has a cord and plug trailing behind it.  If you shop around, you will find numerous ones with artistic shapes and styles to match any décor.


These types of lamps do not have a power cord and are usually powered instead by battery. The type of battery needed varies and you can expect to need several batteries in some cases when you are dealing with a larger or brighter lamp.

Luckily, some lamps come with a charger for the rechargeable battery which saves you money in the long run.   The only drawback in this case is that they will usually cost more.  You can help yourself out by finding a suitable battery charger from an electronics store for less money.  The average person can expect to recharge batteries once a week.

Something to consider with these lighting fixtures is whether the lamps use light bulbs.  You can find LED based lighting that lasts longer and doesn’t require replacement the usual bulb replacement.  Another feature that might appeal to some is the cooler temperature they emit.  Other types of lamps will use either standard or fluorescent bulbs instead.  Some might prefer these as they provide the more usual corded lamp lighting.

There are many ways to use a cordless fixture in your home.  You can use them for floor lamps, table lamps, bedside reading lamps, and even mood lights.  They can even be more of a novelty – imagine glowing ice buckets at your next party!

A cordless lamp comes in particularly handy in a child’s room due to safety. Young children have a knack for getting curious about power outlets.  Put cordless touch lamps in more than one area of their room so they can simply press on the light to turn it on and off.  This is much easier than reaching up for a light switch that is still too tall for them.