Ceiling Fans – A Cool Addition to any Home

Ceiling fans are cool. Pun intended. Ceiling fans are a great way to circulate air in and around your home but they are also a great way to express your style and show off your home. If you don’t have a ceiling fan you need to get one.

If you do have ceiling fans you need to check out all the new and energy efficient designs out there and consider replacing your old ones. Some people make the mistake of thinking that ceiling fans are only good for the summer time. That is simply not true. Ceiling fans can be used all year long.

Sure, having ceiling fans in the summer is a great relief from the hot and steamy summer heat, but they also can be great in the winter. Why? Because they blow the rising heat back down from the ceiling into the room.


It’s an efficient and pleasurable way of keeping warm in the winter time. It also works that way in the summer if you have air conditioning. The fan will blow the cool air around making it more evenly distributed. It’s a great way to control the temperature and distribute air flow.

Ceiling fans are also great to add to your home’s style. There are so many neat designs available and certainly one that is perfect for your home. Believe it or not ceiling fans can add a lot to the value of your home when it comes time to sell too.

People love to see ceiling fans in a home. They add a feeling of class and comfort to any space. They are fun too. The best part about them is they are easy to install although it is not recommended that you do it yourself. You should always have a professional install ceiling fans.

One of the great ways to employ ceiling fans is when you replace a ceiling lamp. You can easily retrofit a ceiling lamp to where the old lamp used to hang. This is especially terrific if the room in question already has an ample supply of light and replacing the lamp would be not as cool as adding something new.

There are many and varied reasons for having ceiling fans and there are as many choices as there are reasons to have them. Take a look around your home and see if a ceiling fan would make a difference.