Accent Lamps – Form and Function

Accent lamps are probably one of the most understated fashion aspects to homes or businesses these days. Without really realizing it accent lighting can really change the ambience of a room.

It’s so subtle that most people cannot even place their minds around it. You look at a room and think that’s it’s so pleasant but you are not quite sure why. Well, just like a well lit painting a well lit room can make a world of difference in perception. Homes these days are pretty well designed with accent lighting from the very start of construction. But in the past they were an afterthought.

If you have an older home or one you think lacks pizzazz, you should really take a look at how accent lamps could change your space into something unique and inviting. Lighting is really everything. It is truly amazing how a room is transformed when well lit.


It’s really an art form. You can change the mood or feel of an area so easily with accent lighting. In Fact, before considering an expensive renovation on a room because you wish to change its feel, consult a lighting professional first. It may be that some accent lighting could transform your space without a pricey do over.

Style is also an attribute of accent lamps. You can totally change the style of an environment by having the right lighting. You can go as severe or as soft as you like depending on the theme you are trying to emulate.

Accent lighting can be fun to explore and set up. Because of all the different types of accent lighting available the lighting world is your oyster and you can be as creative as you want to be. Accent lighting is especially good in apartment complexes where most apartments are ubiquitous. Adding your own personal touch to an apartment with lighting can really make it feel like home.

And, let’s not forget the function of accent lamps which is to provide light! Because of the subtlety of accent lighting you won’t even really notice that you are seeing things better in the room as well.

You also can save some money on electricity because you can use energy efficient accent lighting to offset some of the consumption of regular lighting while not sacrificing being able to see. Accent lamps can make the difference of turning a space into home.